An Inside Look at the UN's Race to Save Refugees Around the World with Brian Hansford UNHCR Senior Communications Officer
A documentary connecting the world to Syrian refugees
Mariela Shaker, Syrian refugee: 'I’m committed to the power of music'
On June 20, the world commemorates the strength, courage, and resilience of millions of refugees.
CNN International - Misery continues for Rohingya stranded at sea
High Commissioner - How can Europe respond to refugee crisis?

Telling the Human Story

Home Alone: South Sudan teenager leads her young siblings to safety in Uganda.

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Making a Difference

Junior Mayema hid his sexual orientation while growing up in his native Democratic Republic of the Congo, but when his mother discovered that he was gay her anger knew no bounds.

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Setting the Agenda

T. Alexander Aleinikoff, UNHCR's Deputy High Commissioner, calls on humanitarians to rise to new challenges, as conflicts grind on and the displaced face exclusion and dependency.

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